A maximum surface area to achieve the highest performance

The structure lies on technological construction bases:

  • Single-block constant inertia post heads connect up the post-arch-gutter
  • Gutters made from galvanised steel
  • Telescopic foot (patented)
  • Purlin and aluminium fitting clips
  • Double-sided galvanised Z275 15/10e and 20/10e
  • S 250 GD grade steel

MULTICLAIR tunnels are intended for all livestock types requiring large housing surface areas. The features of these tunnels are your guarantee of unmatched animal comfort and welfare:

  • Windbreaker
  • Manual or motorised side vents
  • Insulated continuous louver openings on gutters
  • Insulated with 80 to 200 mm thick glass wool
  • Chimneys

The creation of large surface areas enables them to be highly cost-effective.

MULTICLAIR tunnels are assembled on concrete stands. Technical assistance by a specialised assembly company or full assembly is recommended for a fast and efficient assembly.

Each MULTICLAIR tunnel is unique and must comply with the EN 13031-1 standard depending on the region and the construction altitude.

DIMENSIONS 6m40 8m00 9m60 12m80 14m40
Demi-Lune AÉRO 1.04 1.15 1.35 1.90 2.17
Hauteur sous Chéneau C 3.00 à 5.00
Hauteur passage Max sous porte coulissante 1.60 / 2.00 / 3.20 / 4.00
Hauteur passage Max sous porte battante 2.00 / 4.00