Unmatched mechanical performance and storage capacity

The design is identical to that of Abriclair tunnels but NORDICLAIR tunnels are ogival shaped for installation in regions with high snowfall levels while providing significant storage volume.

Whatever the mesh density of the structure, NORDICLAIR tunnels form a homogeneous and coherent whole calculated and manufactured to specific specifications.

NORDICLAIR tunnels are assembled on the ground. No concrete is required thus enabling fast and easy assembly at a very cost-effective price. Technical assistance or full assembly are recommended for large installations.

Each NORDICLAIR tunnel is unique and must comply with the EN 13031-1 standard depending on the region and the construction altitude.

DIMENSIONS 800 1030 1200 1500
Ridge height A 3.96 4.76 6.20 7.50
Height of straight foot at 0.55m B 1.98 2.20 - -
Height under cross-tie bar C/D 3.70 - 2.60 4.48 - 3.60 - -
Height under top of gable E 2.50 2.92 - -
Double sliding door 3.20 - 2.42 3.20 - 3.10 - -