Stabling for 140 dairy cattle

With a view to the post-quota environment, Thierry Dort, a dairy farmer in the Moselle region, decided to triple his production by installing an insulated and automated tunnel facility, a rarity in his region. With 140 free stalls and two Lely A4 milking machines, Thierry is aiming to produce 1.4 million litres with zero grazing. The cost of the building came to €63/m², far less than a conventional building. “At that price, it’s definitively worth a shot", confirms Thierry. The structure is built to withstand storms and snow, and as for sustainability, only the outer tarpaulin cover will need to be changed every 15 to 20 years.

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Location : Moselle
Date : March 2014
Type of installation : MULTICLAIR

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Stabling for 140 dairy cattle

Dimensions are 1,976 m²

2 bays measuring 12.80 M + 9.60 M X 77.50 M (livestock part for the dairy cattle)

1 bay 8.00 m x 30 m (office, infirmary and nursery)

2 milking machines (brand: Lely)

Roof insulated with 80 mm thick glass wool